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an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

We are a values-driven real estate developer providing resources, practices, and stewardship for our partners. We maximize environmental, social, and economic benefits inherent in meaningful places.

Project^ creates value, opportunity, buildings, and legacies through sound business and ecological practices.

We have a broad portfolio of experience, having planned, financed, and executed more than 20 projects. Our work brings a deep understanding of institutional-quality retail, office, residential, and academic spaces.

Real estate is a vessel or representation of our values - a focus on design, environmentalism, stewardship, and placemaking that yields meaningful places for people to thrive. Project^ complements the values and focus of a smaller developer with the financial capacity of a national developer. Our goal is for every project^ development to be relevant today and far into the future.


Intentional Curious Stewards Collaborative Innovative

We aspire to work at the convergence of economic discipline, rigor, and artistry. By design we are a small company and our business is based on quality over quantity. Our projects are intentionally chosen as vehicles for delivering design, environmentalism, and improving the lives of people.

We are unconstrained by real estate industry conventions with regard to scale, product type, and geography. We identify deficiencies in the market and apply our resources and creativity to fill market voids.

We believe our projects can be more profitable, meaningful, and relevant for our investors, partners, and the communities we build in. We pride ourselves in being stewards of resources - both economic and environmental.

We work in cooperation and interdependence with our consultants, clients, financers, and builders. We accomplish this by working in a collegial, transparent, and collaborative manner.

We are a development studio and reflect our creative culture in the environments we create. We embody a pioneering spirit; taking initiative to pursue complex challenges to envision meaningful solutions.

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